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Rotamart News & Views: Limited selling bays due to renovation

24-Oct-2016 Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the lack of selling bays at our Rotamart. Management at Belmont Forum were only notified on Wednesday giving us no opportunity to inform you.

I apologize to all regarding the lack of notice. It will be restricted, but there is little opportunity to change the situation. We have extra Rotarians here today, please take their direction as we try and make the best of a poor situation. Strictly no saving of bays and all bays must be paid, and please do not “park” your car inside the area.

Work on the car park renovation is expected to be progressed throughout October and probably most of November. As an area is completed they will move to the next area, it will not a lot of fun, but a least we are trading. As usual we expect extra Christmas trading times will prevent the market operating in December.

I am trying to negotiate the use of extra bays between Mac Donald’s and Woolies Garden area. If you normally park there, please move to another area so we can use those bays for selling. The other alternative is shift the market to the other end of the Forum near the Reading Cinemas.

Peter Anderson
Rotamart Director, Belmont Rotary Club