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Rotamart News & Views: 17th Nov 2016

17-Nov-2016 Hi Everyone,
Some good news and little bad news.

The extended Christmas Retail Trading Hours period now starts on December 5th. We are unable to trade when the Belmont Forum stores are able to open early. That is great news as we can run Rotamart on Sunday the 4th of December, but we can’t open on Sunday the 1st of January 2017.

Rotamart Christmas Trading Dates
Last trading day Sunday 4th December re-open Sunday 8th January 2017.

Thanks to all for your co-operation regarding the car park alterations. Management at Belmont Forum have been extremely helpful allowing us to trade during this period. Work in the car park is progressing slowly, but they expect the first section to be completed within the next few weeks. Unfortunately those car park alterations will be rolled across the entire Rotamart area in the New Year. These changes are part of the exciting multi million dollar revamp of Belmont Forum. I am confident, with your help we all can adjust to the alterations and continued building process. Please be aware extra parking restrictions apply and all signage must be followed and fines can be issued by the inspectors.

To secure our future on this site I ask all sellers to observe a  few basic requirements.
1. Take away all unsold goods and associated rubbish. Again a minority still needs reminding that dumping rubbish is unacceptable and in fact unlawful. A sofa, chairs, cases, clothes and even a gopher were amongst goods left last week.

2. Saving of bays is not permitted. Use it or loose it. This month we have turned away sellers with some selling bays being used for car parking. Please park you vehicle outside the area if you are not selling from it.

3. Pack up and leave on time. The horn with short beeps is blown at 10.20 and the final long horn at 10.30 signifying the close of trading. The same trading laws that govern when Coles and Woolworths can open apply to us as well. Our market is licensed to trade from 6.30 until 10.30am.

4. The permitted list of goods is listed on the reverse of this notice. We are licensed as a Pre-used market together with potted plants.

Special thanks to Richard and Frank for their earlier start and to the volunteer Rotarians who have been here from 5.00am squeezing in the few extra sellers and assisting those already in place.  Thanks again to all sellers for your co-operation. Merry Christmas, happy trading and we look forward to great new year

Peter Anderson
Rotamart Director, Belmont Rotary Club