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Rotamart News & Views: Jan 2017 Changes to Rotamart Areas

09-Jan-2017 Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your patience whist the Belmont Forum was open for extended Christmas Trading. We still face another 3-4 months of obstructions in this area, please work with us to minimize the disruption.

The map below shows the schedule of works.
  • In short, the car park renovation will shift to the next area next week.
  • After completion in 6 weeks they then will move to the next area nearer McDonalds.
  • An extra area has been made available for sellers behind McDonalds.
  • The big car park on Wright St will close early February for 18 months. You will need to park in 2-storey car park once work commences in that area.

Belmont Rotary Club together with the Belmont Forum have allowed Rotamart to continue but again we again remind sellers of the following conditions:

1. The market must close for selling at 10.30 and all sellers should be packed and gone by 10.50. Fines can be applied to those still in position after 11.00 am.  The first horn will be sounded at 10.15 and final horn at 10.30am.

2. Sellers are reminded that saving of bays will not be tolerated.

3. All rubbish or unsold goods must be taken with you.

4. Parking restrictions apply around the Rotamart area.

We understand some sellers will be disappointed with the continued interruptions but the Belmont Forum’s on going improvements will be great once completed.

Belmont Rotary has investigated alternate areas to run Rotamart but this site, restricted as it is, is still the best in the locality.

Please work with us during this period, especially as Belmont Forum have been very generous in allowing us to continue during the renovations.

Speak to the Rotarians “on duty” each Sunday if you need any clarification on the changes for the coming period.

Peter Anderson
Rotamart Director, Belmont Rotary Club