Giving back to the community.

Belmont Rotary Board 2017/18

President - Peter Anderson
Incoming President  - Paul Andriessen
Past President  - Teresa Turnbull

Vice President - Teresa Turnbull

Sergent - Mike Davies
Assistant Sergent & Song Leader  - Peter Lindsay MacFayden
Bulletin - Paul Adndriessen
Event Coordinator - James Elloy
Attendance - Glynn Schragger
Secretary - Paul Andriessen

Media Liaison and Electronic Updates - David Bennett with Geoff Lovell

Treasurer - Mike Terry

Financial Advisors - Ron Geary (chair), Stan Perron, Mike Terry and Mike Winslade

Rotamart - Bryan Martin

New Members and Future Club Directors (together with Past members co-ordinator) -

Mike Davies (Director)- Mike Winslade, Teresa Turnball, Mike Terry, Peter Neethling, Rachel Sheffield and Giacomo Recchia - Ex-officio - Paul Andriessen

Community, Vocational - Margie Bass (chair) - David Bennett, John Passmore, James Elloy, Jonathan Bass, Geoff Lovell - Ex-officio - Bryan Martin

International, Youth and Belmont College Director  - Petro Recchia - Peter Lindsay-MacFayden, Rachel Sheffield, Glyn Schragger, Ron Geary, Carlo Guidice, Stan Perron, Raj Selvendra

Board of Directors - Peter Anderson, Paul Andriessen, Teresa Turnvall, Mike Terry, Margie Bass, Brian Martin, Mike Davies.  Petro Recchia and Ron Geary