Rotamart UPDATE

Rotamart selling areas now back to normal. See map below.

Rotamart is still running but subject to COVID -19 restrictions and updates. Please see our Facebook page for updates

Belmont Rotary Club runs Rotamart on Sundays at Belmont Forum Shopping Centre from 5.30am-10.30am.

Rotamart is a market for pre-used goods for sale ranging from potted plants to children’s clothing and more. We thank the management of  Belmont Forum for allowing us to hold the Rotamart at the center.

Rotamart trading hours.
Just a reminder sellers are not permitted to occupy any bay before 5:00 am.
Note: Belmont Forum will fine those who enter before that time.
Rotamart is a pre-used market and it closes at 10:30am.
All sellers must packed and leave a clean bay by 11:00am as again the Forum will fine those still in place.


What can be sold at Rotamart

Click here for information on what can be sold at Rotamart

Sellers – Important Information

We suggest sellers arrive about 5.30am in summer and 6.30am in winter. The more bays required the earlier you need to attend.

It is “first in best dressed” and the Rotarians on duty will collect the payment for bays during the morning.


Reserving Bays is not permitted and the volunteers are instructed to remove goods in unattended bays. Also the practice of on selling bays will not be tolerated. The Rotary Club has exclusive right to sell bays.


One sellers bay (car bay) is $10. There is no limit on the number of bays and each additional bay is $10.


You will need to remember you will need to pack up and leave the premises by 11.00am and failure to do so may result in a permanent ban.


Goods for sale must be pre-used goods or potted plants.


New items, food, pets are not able to be sold at Rotamart.


Parking restrictions do apply on Sundays and the Council Rangers are asked by the club to issue infringement notices. Included is the area along the Forum as it is restricted for ATM access. Remember if you park your car inside the market area the bay is chargeable.


Rubbish. Remember our simple saying “Bring it, sell it or take it home”. Under the Keep Australia Beautiful Council rules the penalty of leaving rubbish behind is $100, and we have the authority to issue that fine.