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Belmont Rotary supports WATCAC

The Belmont Rotamart supports a number of associations and charities including WACAT.

Dear Rachel, and Members of Belmont Rotary

RE: Thank you for Your Support

On behalf of the Western Australian Tandem Cycling Advisory Council (WATCAC) Committee and members, I would like to sincerely thank you for your generous donation of $1,000, in lieu of gatekeeping at the Belmont Rotamart. It is greatly appreciated.

With the support from Belmont Rotary, WATCAC has been able to replace the tandem bikes that were stolen from the association last year, as well as service and maintain our fleet of tandems. We have also been able to acquire secure, commercial storage for our bikes.

In March this year a group of WATCAC Members participated in the Lifecycle for Canteen ride, cycling 300 km from Perth to Busselton over 3 days. It was after this event in 2019 that we suffered the theft of our tandems. This challenging ride is enjoyed immensely by our members and it is because of the generosity of groups like yours that we were able to purchase replacement tandems and get riding again so quickly.

Thank you,

Jennifer Musgrave



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